An efficient irrigation system is becoming a necessity for every yard.
There are three key benefits from irrigating your yard:
1. Convenience
     Who wants to lug a hose around the yard to water the grass?  Your system would be set up to fit your needs.  An irrigation system will keep your grass and flowerbeds healthy.
2. Money Saving
      Not only does an irrigation system lower your water utility bills, its protecting your investment!  Your lawn and garden are the focal points of your curb appeal! We install separate meter for your money saving.
3. Less Water Usage
      Worried about your water usage?  A customized irrigation system uses less water and is more effective than hand watering.
Electronic controls and rain sensor will do it for you
We design and install your system working with top notch companies such as: Toro, Rain Bird, Hunter

Water in any garden adds a beautiful and calming effect. It also catches the attention of any guest!

Pools provide luxury and fun during the summer months. Turn your backyard into a place to relax and enjoy the weather. With cool water during the summer months, you'll only be around the pool! A pool party is in store for you!

One of a Kind's skilled architects will bring you options other companies just can't offer. Our quality and use of top of the line materials, ensures you a worry free experience!

Want to add fun and excitement to an existing pool? We can add effects such as pool jets and waterfalls. Not only do these features add fun, they add beauty as well! Be the envy of all your neighbors!

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